Posted by: sarahswati | December 3, 2010

Poem A Day: Day 2 — …

Well, Day 2 of my write-a-poem-every-day challenge has come and technically gone (it’s 1 AM on day 3 here) and I haven’t written another poem. The day got away from me and I’ve been trying off and on all evening to write another, and I haven’t even come up with anything as “brilliant” as Day 1’s poem. Hmm.

I know the idea (or part of it) is to just write something, to tell myself that even if I write drivel, it (the experience of writing it) isn’t all that bad. I know this, and yet, here I am again. I keep going around in these circles, bumping into things.

Alright, I’ll write a haiku. I love writing haikus (well, I love writing poetry, period… and yet here I am, in this place of “no poem” (again)). Haikus are short and sweet. And while difficult to write well, writing a passable haiku isn’t that hard. Let’s see…


Graceful hummingbird
Sucks a patient fuschia dry
Tittering sharp glee


Hmm, that turned out better than I expected. Says something about my mood, I guess… in more ways than one.



  1. *hee!*

    Evokes pleasant memories of watching hummingbirds do just exactly that around my mom’s fuschias. All different colors, so vivid, so pretty.

    Thank you for a lovely way to wind down my day. :-)

    • You’re welcome, Birdy. I’m glad you liked it. Maybe I’ll have another one to share soon… when I update my blog again? :)

      *looks at watch, coughs nervously*

  2. Yes, even drivel. It is the action of just doing something, I have read. I mean to say that I sadly haven’t tried it, only suggesting you do.

    Maybe I should…

    Anyway, can now read you with VPN, and for that matter can read “me”. Might even get me to post again. :)

    • I hope so, “LP”. I miss your blog, too. :)

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