Posted by: sarahswati | January 1, 2010

Some Thoughts On The Coming Year

In preparation for the new year, I’ve done a little thinking about where I want to go in the coming months. I’ve come up with a few resolutions I’ve decided to make and I thought I’d share them with you. After all, we could all use both a little help with and a little support for the changes we try to make in our lives, right? :)

Here they are:

1. Lose at least thirty pounds.

I need to lose some weight. Well, a lot of weight. At least thirty and maybe more like fifty pounds. Aside from simply being unhealthy, I know that having all this extra weight affects my self image and my feelings about transitioning. I feel like I need to really lose a lot of weight if I’m going to someday transition effectively. I think losing the weight would help me fit in better as a female. Whether that’s true or not, it seems to really affect how I feel about it. It just compounds the “ugh” factor when I look in the mirror.

2. Find a career.

I need to find a career I can settle into for awhile. I’m tired of jobs I don’t like at all and that don’t pay much. Ideally, want to find a career where I can help people, work outdoors some, and hopefully do some writing. I’ve been thinking of looking into doing some volunteering to get out and improve the world a bit while I get some ideas about where I want to go and maybe get my foot in the door somewhere. I think I’ll do that.

3. Find a girlfriend.

I’m not very sociable, though I’m getting better at it. I’m tired of being alone and want to eventually find someone to spend my life with so I need to get out and do something about meeting more people.

4. Finish the novel I started for NaNoWriMo.

I want to finish the novel I started writing for the NaNoWriMo program. (  It will be nice to have completed a big writing project like that to show myself that I can do it. I’m not sure I’ll want to have it published yet, as I’m not really certain about the direction I want the novel to go in, but I may try to do that as well.

5. Update this blog at least twice a week?

I would also like to get into a routine of updating this blog a little more frequently… maybe two or three times a week? It would be nice to turn it into something a little more substantial.

6. Write a poem a day.

This is something I’ve been meaning to start doing for awhile now and it’s time I got serious about it. I find writing poems very enjoyable and pretty easy… when I do get around to doing it. Why I put off something I enjoy so much, I don’t know. I would love to start writing more and this seems to me like an easily doable goal, as long as I get over the “stick-to-it” hump, something I have trouble with in other parts of my life as well. This seems to me like an enjoyable way of doing that.

7. Publish another book of poetry (maybe with a real publisher?)

With more poetry piling up over the year, I figure I should be able to put together another book of good poetry. It would also be nice to be able to find some sort of publisher that might like it. I need to find out how to do that.

To end my New Year’s post, I’d like to share with you a poem I wrote about the winter solstice and the beginning of a new year in general. I’ve always been rather nervous about sharing my poetry on the internet, wanting to avoid being plagiarized, but it occurs to me that, at this stage of my poetic “career”, even plagiarism might be a step up, and, at any rate, it’s good to get my poetry out there in as many venues as possible, so here it is. I hope you like it. :)       (Unfortunately the online WordPress text editor likes to muck with the formatting, so I have to attach the poem as an image file.)


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